Arxivar Document Management: modular and comprehensive document management software for all corporate information

Arxivar Document Management is the ideal solution for optimally managing business documents. It ensures digital document archiving and sharing (invoices, LUL, pay slips, Bills of Lading).

Arxivar Document Management is available from all devices, including mobile, and, by helping to automate organisational processes, improves business management.
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Arxivar document management

Ideal for supporting the management of the daily activities of all business functions and all types of companies, it allows you to

  • easily search for documents in the electronic archive, avoiding unnecessary loss of time;
  • know who is managing a particular file;
  • be sure to have the correct and updated version.
You will be able to keep an eye on all business issues and solve any problems very quickly wherever you are. Your documents and all the company information you need will always be available.

3 different interfaces: customer, web and mobile

  • Simple and clear;
  • Very similar to the most widely used Microsoft tools in companies, to facilitate users and ensure easy usability;
  • 100% responsive to adapt to any device;
  • Fully customisable to suit specific needs;

immediate recovery of

  • No risk of deleting important documents by mistake;
  • Secure storage of business documents within the ARXivar system;
  • Immediate availability on any device;
  • Easy search of business documents.
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