The e-commerce platform natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions!

Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) ecommerce portals now represent a normal extension of companies' traditional sales channels.

Absolutely indispensable for the implementation of an appropriate omni-channel strategy, they also allow companies to further develop their business and conquer new markets.

Sana Commerce makes your online shop an extension of your ERP business processes, avoiding silos


Mainstream e-commerce platforms are often built separately from the ERP.

  • Not all data in one system are available in the other.
  • Not all functionality in one system is available in the other.
  • Data must be synchronised between the two systems.

Changes must be made twice, once in the ERP and once in the e- commerce platform.



SANA COMMERCE allows you to run your ERP and e-commerce as one system. It is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting customer relationships:

  • All ERP data is also available in the e-commerce platform in real time.
  • All ERP functionality is also available in the e-commerce platform.
With SANA COMMERCE all business transactions will be sent directly to the ERP following the same business logic already present in the management system. Each customer will be able to access his or her specific price list, consult stock availability, order history and all information regarding his or her specific profile, without the risk of seeing different or out-of-date information from the management system.




E-commerce B2B

Simplify the complexity of the B2B purchasing process with an e-commerce platform that puts reliability and efficiency first. A B2B e-commerce that is seamlessly integrated into the ERP and promotes lasting customer relationships.


E-commerce B2C

Focus on the consumer essentials: customer experience, personalisation and strong customer relationships. Make your service exceptional by creating a reliable and convenient web shop that will entice your customers to return!

Focus on the consumer essentials: customer experience, personalisation and strong customer relationships. Make your service exceptional by creating a reliable and convenient web shop that will entice your customers to return!


catalogue management

More than just a product catalogue: a first step into online channels!

Use the classifications and categorisations stored in your ERP to build the product catalogue structure of your web shop.
With Microsoft Dynamics ERP at the heart of Sana's approach, data is replicated and synchronised automatically. No more outdated product catalogues!
You can filter the results using the same rules in your ERP to quickly find the ideal product.


E-commerce D2C – direct to consumer

The solution for B2B suppliers who also choose to sell directly to consumers.

More and more B2B suppliers are choosing to go their own way and sell directly to consumers. Sana Commerce's unique solution allows easy adaptation of this business strategy.

ERP integration means always correct data. You can easily customise the configuration of your web shop to cater for consumers who may have different needs from more traditional customers.

Although intermediaries like retailers do the basic work of presenting your products to customers, retailers focus on improving their strategies for better engagement. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce allows suppliers direct access to their customer base.


DSC Group has its own development team dedicated to the implementation and support of Sana Commerce to ensure that its customers benefit from a market-leading e-commerce solution, while harnessing the strength of its Microsoft Dynamics ERP.



Increase sales efficiency with user-friendly online product catalogues and automatic online order processing.


Thanks to the integration with the ERP and the need to keep only one system, the costs of running the store are considerably lower than with other solutions.


Up-to-date information on products, inventory and order history accessible 24/7.


Online sales offer the opportunity to access new markets, greatly increasing the visibility of your business and products.


Through customised e-commerce marketing and tailored up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


Accurate, responsive design thanks to a portfolio of modern templates and themes. You will have everything you need to design your front-end without the need for programming.
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