IX - Invoice Exchange, the outsourced service for electronic invoicing, regulation-compliant storage and order management

The ARXivar IX - Invoice Exchange solution is the best among those on the market, as it has been implemented and constantly updated since 2015, the year in which electronic invoicing became mandatory for all Italian public administrations, requiring all companies working with the PA to necessarily only send invoices in XMLPA format, the proprietary format chosen and only one accepted by Italian law, exclusively via the interchange system (SDI).

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With reduced costs and time, you will be able to manage the entire process of creation-archiving, sending-receiving, organisation-storage, through an accredited web service (IX-FE), reliable and used daily by more than 2000 customers


  • Electronic invoices are transmitted via the Sistema di Interscambio (SdI);
  • Data from active and passive invoices are transmitted electronically to the Revenue Agency (mandatory operation) via Sogei's receiving system;
  • Reduction in process execution time and simplification of activities;
  • Improvement in process accuracy, thanks to the elimination of activities with a strong manual content;
  • Tracking invoice sending outcome.

Thanks to the Invoice Xchange service, this is possible:

  • Manage the archiving of XML invoices, using a platform that can be integrated with the management system in use in the company ;
  • Transmit invoices to the SdI and the relevant receipts/notifications, avoiding the clogging of PECs;
  • Receive XML invoices and send acceptance/rejection notifications;
  • Properly manage regulation-compliant electronic storage of invoices;
  • Easily perform searches;
  • Access from any device


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To check the financial reliability index of the entities associated with each invoice issued/received!

With the IX PRO Credit Score service, already included in the IX FE fee, it is also possible to check a financial reliability index of the entities associated with each invoice issued/received.

The Credit Score service also includes the possibility of downloading specific Analytical Reports to keep the economic and financial status of customers and suppliers under control.

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IX-CE - Electronic invoice and document electronic storage: dematerialise your company archive!

Electronic invoice and document electronic storage is a software solution that ensures the legal value of computerised documents within the company's document management system.

Substitute storage can achieve considerable savings in terms of space. Digitally preserving business documents means replacing the paper document with the equivalent document in digital format and preserving it over time, eliminating paper.

fatturazione elettronica

The tools that allow tax documents (invoices, account books, etc.) to be produced and stored - as provided for by the CAD (Art. 44), without the need to print them on paper are:

Digital signature

to guarantee the identity of the person who signed and the non-alteration of the document after signing

Time Reference

to guarantee a certain date to a computer document

Time stamping

to associate certain and legally valid date and time with a computer document

Discover IX-CE, the outsourced service for the electronic storage of all your documents that guarantees legal value to your computerised archive!

  • Sending digital documents or scans of paper documents (already signed or to be signed) to IX-CE via integration with ERP (API/Web services) or ARXivar;
  • Automatic remote digital signature on documents on behalf of the customer;
  • Documents always available through a web interface.

Advantages of outsourcing:

No investment

Keeping documents electronically in-house requires continuous investment in technology and staff training, costs that are greatly reduced by choosing outsourcing

No responsibility

Responsibility for storage is assigned 100% to Able Tech, an ISO 27001:2013 certified and AgID accredited company, which becomes Data Processor, Security Officer and Storage System Manager

Operational streamlining

The process of preserving and managing archives automatically becomes leaner and faster. Easy consultation and retrieval of information is guaranteed

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