Microsoft copilot: the age of artificial intelligence has arrived

Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence that helps you do more with a simple chat experience.

It is based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.

Copilot harnesses the power of Bing, Microsoft's search engine, to access a wide range of information and trusted sources. It is also integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft's productivity suite, for added convenience and functionality. You can use Copilot in applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams, or build your own customised copilot with Microsoft Copilot Studio Preview.

Make Microsoft Copilot your daily ally in artificial intelligence


Copilot will operate in accordance with choices and permissions and is distinguished by its unique ability to understand the Internet, business data and the local context


As you write, communicate, plan or explore, Copilot will always be ready to meet your needs


Find inspiration, turn ideas into material and enrich your skills with ease using the right mouse button, an informal conversation or a simple greeting


Get a seamless experience on all your devices, either as a side panel in your favourite apps or as an icon in the Windows taskbar

Revolutionise your business by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

Incita a svolgere un'attività produttiva e di valore

Speed up information sharing, simplify employee operations and optimise service distribution

Increase effectiveness and save costs

Anticipate needs to avoid interruptions and optimise activities with predictive capabilities, accelerating processes through automation

Create new corporate value

Create innovative products and services, adapt customer experiences and optimise the way decisions are made
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